Satoshi’s Medallion – Pure Silver .9999 Fine – Crypto Currency Themed Silver Pendant


One pure silver Bitcoin pendant with binary message. This pendant is made out of .9999 silver and it’s 100% made by Satoshi Metals.


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Introducing “The Satoshi Medallion” – a tribute to the revolutionary spirit of digital currency, encapsulated in timeless .9999 pure silver. This exquisite medallion is a symbol of the pioneering ethos that brought about the cryptocurrency era, crafted for those who appreciate the finer things in life and the transformative power of technology.

Minted from the finest silver, this medallion shines with the promise of decentralization and the spirit of innovation. The face of the medallion proudly displays the iconic Bitcoin symbol, instantly recognizable to enthusiasts and investors alike, set against a textured background that adds depth and character to the piece.

Elegant yet substantial, “The Satoshi Medallion” hangs gracefully from a classic steel ball chain, designed to catch the eye and spark conversation. Whether you’re a crypto-curator, a savvy investor, or simply in search of a unique accessory that stands out, this medallion is an investment in style and a nod to the future of finance.

The medallion’s surface gleams with a high polish finish, ensuring that it remains a focal point of any outfit, while the purity stamp confirms its quality and craftsmanship. “The Satoshi Medallion” isn’t just jewelry; it’s a statement, a piece of art, and a piece of history.

Make your mark with “The Satoshi Medallion” and wear it as a badge of honor, a testament to your vision and foresight in the age of digital currency. Available now for those who dare to define the future.

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Weight 12.25 g
Dimensions 25 × 25 × 3 mm


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