Satoshi Metals COA Validator

All items sold by Satoshi Metals that come with a COA have their COA stored on the Polygon network blockchain.
This means that all items can be verified to be an authentic piece by any party without the need for Satoshi Metals to exist.

You can use this page to validate your item's authenticity. This page will take the information you provide and interact with the smart contract for you.


Manual verification on the Polygon Mainnet Blockchain

If you'd like to interact with the smart contract yourself you can do so by calling the getCoa function at this contract address 0xf88933b82403aaD2BFBEf8F6Db99136892D10682 on the Polygon Mainnet.

The value that you provide to the function is a SHA256 hash of the below information. If the return value is True then the item is authentic and if the return value is False, it's not authentic.

Create a SHA256 hash of this information in this format:
SM<Item type number><Number engraved on item><Secret key on COA><Item weight in grams to tenth no decimal point>

Item Type: Jewelry (00 for bar, 01 for coin, 02 for jewelry, 03 for custom 1 ounce pour, 04 for custom piece)
Number engraved on item: 2309160001
Secret key on COA: 1234567890
Weight in Grams to tenth: 12.5

The string you would hash is SM0223091600011234567890125

Using a SHA256 generator the output is 0e65b276b78ea590986d7fdcf7b16d2cdcfe95e26a756a7d0ada3d0e0e01be00 which is what you send to the contract function getCoa